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Dachis Group Launches Social Performance Monitor

By   /  January 12, 2012  /  No Comments

Dachis Group has launched a new app, the Social Performance Monitor.

Dachis Group has launched a new app, the Social Performance Monitor. It is the company’s third app built on their big data analytics platform and their first subscription service. Erik Huddleston comments, “Our Social Performance Monitor app correlates social activities to four main brand marketing business outcomes: Brand Awareness, Brand Love, Mindshare, and Advocacy. For each, we track a set of metrics that correlate to the outcome’s value, analyze brand activities and their impact on the engaged audience, and then provide a set of lenses (insights) to help marketers with understanding and attribution.”

He continues, “Our trend insights help detect how the impact of a long-running campaign or engagement strategy is evolving and helps to uncover key trends over time.  Of course, trending is in the context of benchmarking data, or optionally, industry or market averages. We provide event correlation insights to help marketers isolate and attribute the performance of their marketing efforts in the noisy social environment. We detect external events like a product launch, merger or PR crisis, which might be influencing marketing performance (or the performance of a competitor). These events are detected from news, social, and other channels via natural language processing, semantic analysis, and machine learning and aggregated together into a single ‘event’ providing the marketer with a simple set of events on their trend lines with easily detectable performance correlation and the ability to dig into rich supporting details and coverage of the event.”

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Image: Courtesy Dachis Group

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