Daegis Launches Hadoop-Based Review Tool, Acumen

Compliance Week reports that Daegis, "a provider of e-discovery software and services, this week announced the launch of its Hadoop-based technology assisted review (TAR) solution, Acumen. The new offering is designed to reduce the high costs associated with document review, while increasing accuracy and defensibility. Fully integrated into the Daegis eDiscovery Platform, Acumen reduces the number of documents for first-pass review by 70 to 90 percent, cutting first pass review costs by up to 50 percent and substantially increasing the speed and efficiency of the review process."

The article continues, "Unlike e-Discovery technologies that focus solely on black-box predictive coding, Acumen implements a workflow and process-driven approach based on the latest big data advancements, innovative software algorithms and proven best practices in human review. Daegis' focus on scalability future-proofs corporate concerns around data growth and the challenge of managing, storing, and securing data as well as sorting and identifying the relevant pieces to meet e-Discovery obligations. Acumen utilizes Hadoop-based distributed computing with a modified form of Probabilistic Latent Semantic indexing to rapidly create and ensure highly accurate data maps that represent review document sets. The Acumen solution is seamlessly integrated into the Daegis review platform to leverage existing advanced search capabilities and process-driven human review."

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Image: Courtesy Daegis