Daily Capital Launch Takes Semantic Technology To Personal Investors

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Former Paypal and Intuit CEO Bill Harris these days is heading up financial advisory service Personal Capital, which now is adding an independent media property to its portfolio to aggregate and deliver financial news to individuals. That new property, Daily Capital, launches today and is powered by Eqentia’s semantic technology. Eqentia offers a content discovery and knowledge management portal for consumers, and also has other enterprises using its technology for their backbone portal infrastructures. But Eqentia CEO William Mougayar thinks this deal is likely the biggest one so far in terms of how much visibility it’s going to get and its potential to grow.

As Harris explains to The Semantic Web Blog in an email interview, Personal Capital provides clients with a holistic view of their complex financial lives, “and the mission of Daily Capital is the same: to cut through the clutter and highlight the best financial content from around the Web.”

Daily Capital will be available to anyone looking for topical and socially relevant content on the Web about investing, personal finance, and the economy and markets — from daily news to blogs, newsletters, and videos — with the goal of helping readers make sense of news and economic trends and understand how these issues impact their daily lives, he says.

There’s a lot of that content around, and not just from the major media sources, and currently it’s not possible to find it all in one place, he says. Or for people to filter specific financial information needs much beyond a Google search and hope for the best. That helped lead Personal Capital to the door of semantic technology. “A semantic platform like Daily Capital captures a lot of great content in one place as well as the ability to distribute that customized content based on customer preferences,” says Harris. “This made it a natural choice for us to use content to enhance the customer experience.”

Daily Capital also will have original content from its team of investment advisors and outside contributors to  establish its own editorial voice. “Our advisors have a lot of valuable wisdom to share about investment strategy and the markets, which they can share on Daily Capital alongside all the great aggregated content,” he says. “We think that makes for a pretty compelling combination.” While Daily Capital itself is sponsored by Personal Capital as a free resource, Harris sees another compelling combination: The service aligns nicely with the investment advice Personal Capital offers to clients on a daily basis, he says. Personal Capital offers free services including a real-time financial dashboard for users to get a customized picture of their financial life, mobile and browser apps, and independent investment advice, but also provides personalized portfolio management for an under-1 percent management fee.

With Daily Capital in the picture, Harris explains how the company now has a platform to deliver clients custom-tailored content that augments its wealth management service: “If a client has holdings in several ETFs, for instance, we intend to deliver them the latest and most relevant content on the Web about those ETFs to their Personal Capital dashboard,” he says. “The semantic platform allows for that kind of personalized delivery of content to our customers. Our clients don’t have time to waste searching for this material, which is why we feel it is important to deliver them real-time content that’s most relevant to their financial picture. Empowering our clients with information that leads them to make more educated financial decisions has profound potential moving forward.”

Mougayar says Eqentia is sending Daily capital a couple of hundred articles a day, a curation task that requires its combination of semantic filtering and specific tagging to accomplish. The curation integration aspect is facilitated by Eqentia’s WordPress plug-in that is in synch with the Eqentia portal. The WordPress plug-in, for example, synchs with the portal to know that certain articles on Daily Capital have been flagged as editors’ picks, so that they can be better highlighted to investors, he says.

“I think we are pushing the envelope in terms of combining curation with republishing at this scale,” says Mougayar.

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