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Data Analytics Tool Connects to 75+ Data & Cloud Services

By   /  January 11, 2017  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

A new press release states, “Data analytics tool Slemma, is proud to announce that it now connects to over 75 databases, data warehouses and cloud service solutions. Users of popular third-party software can now connect their marketing, IT and business metrics directly into Slemma, allowing them to create simple, easy-to-use dynamic reports in minutes. Businesses love Slemma because it allows them to quickly visualize the KPIs that matter; SEO Traffic, Web Analytics, Revenue Growth Rate, Cost of Customer Acquisition, and Lifetime Value of a Customer. Slemma empowers businesses by making data accessible and understandable.”

According to the release, features of Slemma include, “(1) Data exploration without coding. Non-technical users simply drag and drop dimensions and measures to create meaningful reports; no coding required. (2) Complete aesthetic and chart customization. Change chart types, colors and sizes with the simple click of a button. (3) Automated updates and dashboard delivery. Create customized reports and have them delivered to your inbox regularly with the most up-to-date metrics. (4) Create and save new views. Generate multiple charts, using the same data, to decide which one best represents your metrics.”

The release continues, “Slemma’s data reporting tool helps businesses be more efficient, which is why every account comes stocked with prebuilt templates. Users can plug their data into templates to analyze their metrics instantly, allowing them to make decisions on the fly. Slemma users who connect their third-party data and cloud service accounts will be able to access and analyze their data in minutes. Slemma’s simple, easy-to-use and dynamic reports can be shared with both customers and clients. Users can also present and view their reports on virtually any device. With Slemma, stale statistics are transformed into meaningful metrics.”

Read more at Digital Journal.

Photo credit: Slemma

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