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Data Governance Before Big Data

By   /  November 19, 2012  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

Roger Nolan of Informatica recently wrote, “Big data and related technologies such as Hadoop present significant opportunities and challenges to businesses. Nearly everybody in IT reports that they are actively evaluating big data technologies. And, just as you would expect, they are in a variety of stages of implementation. So, who has time to think about data governance when dealing with a massive change like this? First, you have to get your hands around the new technology, right? Actually, this is exactly the right time to think about data governance for big data; before the wild, untamed data from outside the company starts getting mixed with your potentially more trustworthy, tamed, internal data.”

Nolan goes on, “Consider this example: A leading pharmaceutical company told me that in the past all of their research data had been internally-generated and, as a result, was trusted. Their internal research was the proprietary edge that their company had against their competitors. Times have changed. Now, there is a massive amount of research available through public sources on the Internet. Any company trying to compete in pharmaceuticals would be crazy not to take advantage of the wealth of outside research, if for no other reason than to avoid recreating other people‚Äôs mistakes.”

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photo credit: compujeramey

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