Data Guides from the Digital Public Space Project

Mo McRoberts of BBC recently shared a few data guides that have emerged as part of the Digital Public Space project, a project "which uses Semantic Web technology as a way to help unlock the value in the archives of the BBC and other publicly-funded institutions." McRoberts writes, "When we spoke with project partners - and others - about publishing data in a form which makes it possible to have journeys through machine-readable catalogue data similar to the journeys through human-oriented documents that we normally experience on the Web, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive, but organisations weren’t necessarily sure about the nuts and bolts of actually doing it."

He continues, "As a short-term measure, we were able to take catalogue data in whatever form they were able to provide it in and convert it through a semi-automated process to RDF linked data sets, but this was a fairly resource-intensive process and far from ideal. A longer-term goal was for partners to be able to publish these sets themselves."

Read more and see the data guides here.

Image: Courtesy BBC