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Data in 2013: What Will it Look Like?

By   /  December 24, 2012  /  No Comments

Marjorie Teresa R. Perez of the Business Mirror recently questioned what data will look like in 2013.

Marjorie Teresa R. Perez of the Business Mirror recently questioned what data will look like in 2013. She writes, “There are many, many people who talk about this issue. For instance, Director, Market Insight and Strategy at Amdocs Michal Harris—who is awesome, by the way—says that we’re going to see a move away from service providers just worrying about the operational challenge of managing data to operators beginning to realize the business opportunity that big data brings. And if you look at the trends toward data and video traffic, you can see that the number of people enjoying LTE coverage is going to skyrocket in the next couple of years. Unlike the Web today, the semantic Web won’t just reside within computers, laptops and mobile devices. Instead, it will be part of electronics like refrigerators, cars and televisions.”

“As a result,” she goes on, “the Web will be able to track more data and behaviors, transmit that data, and ultimately interpret and process it on behalf of people, making our lives that much easier. This may be geek talk, but on the devices we use the most (the computer, the phone and the TV), it will be easier to connect all our information and desires. While it may seem scary to some, technology will get smarter about what we like and want and will be able to deliver data that is interesting to us, even before we ask. That said, Harris stressed that by capturing more customer data and then using analytics to offer proactive and contextual experiences, service providers will be able to offer more enhanced services relevant to the individual subscribers. Furthermore, service providers will also be able to provide more improved customer care by proactively managing their relationship with their customers.”

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ JD Hancock

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