Data Integration is Key for Improving Customer Experience

One of the more prominent application areas for semantic technology, particularly in the ever-evolving world of Big Data, is data integration. Randy Heffner of Computer World UK recently published an article that discusses how effective data integration improves digital customer experiences and the role semantic analysis plays in that process. The article states, "Today, continual experience optimisation is… difficult because of: (1) Multiple interaction channels. You must collect, correlate, and analyze data in a coherent way across multiple channels of customer interaction. A single customer interaction may cross between channels or even use more than one channel at the same time. (2) Many back end servers. You must integrate data from multiple back end servers including recommendation engines, commerce, mobile application servers, digital asset management, community, collaboration, messaging, and more. (3) The need for rapid change. You must quickly change any or all of your digital experiences and back end services based on what you’ve learned. (4) The need for contextual experiences. You must use each individual customer’s context to dynamically adjust experiences in real-time."

Heffner continues, "Behind-the-scenes integration is the key technical enabler for a cycle of continuous insight and optimisation. Integration is needed to: (1) Gather data from digital experience implementations. Integration provides a way for all of your implementations — mobile, web, kiosk, email, IVR, call centre, and more — to consistently gather experience data, consolidate and correlate it, and store it for analysis and action. (2) Gather data from digital experience back end servers. Additional valuable data is available from back end servers. Correlating and integrating data from these sources further enriches your ability to see what your customers are doing. (3) Analyse and gain insight. By integrating big data, traditional data warehousing, semantic analysis, pattern detection, and more, you can create a cross-channel analytical workbench for your digital experience operations staff."

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ fauxto_digit