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Data Journalism Around the World

By   /  December 26, 2012  /  No Comments

Alex Howard of O’Reilly Radar recently shared examples of great data journalism from across the globe.

Alex Howard of O’Reilly Radar recently shared examples of great data journalism from across the globe. He writes, “When I wrote that Radar was investigating data journalism and asked for your favorite examples of good work, we heard back from around the world. I received emails from Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Canada and Italy that featured data visualization, explored the role of data in government accountability, and shared how open data can revolutionize environmental reporting. A tweet pointed me to a talk about how R is being used in the newsroom… Several other responses are featured at more length below. After you read through, make sure to also check out this terrific Ignite talk on data journalism recorded at this year’s Newsfoo in Arizona.”

Howard continues, “The Guardian Datablog is one of the best sources of interesting, relevant data journalism work, from sports to popular culture to government accountability. Every post demonstrates an emerging practice when its editors make it possible for readers to download the data themselves. Earlier this month, the Datablog put government spending in the United Kingdom under the microscope and accompanied it with a downloadable graphic (PDF). The Guardian’s data journalism is particularly important as the British government continues to invest in open data. In June, the United Kingdom’s Cabinet Office relaunched Data.gov.uk and released a new open data white paper. The British government is doubling down on the notion that open data can be a catalyst for increased government transparency, civic utility and economic prosperity. The role of data journalism in delivering those outcomes is central.”

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Image: Courtesy O’Reilly Radar

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