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Data Scientists Say Messy Data and Lack of Time are Top Career Obstacles

By   /  February 11, 2015  /  No Comments

cfby Angela Guess

According to a new article out of the company, “CrowdFlower (www.crowdflower.com), the leading data enrichment platform for data scientists, today released its 2015 Data Scientist Report (http://goo.gl/7LC5Ug). Findings revealed that data scientists saw messy, disorganized data as a major hurdle preventing them from doing what they find most interesting in their jobs: predictive analysis and data mining for behavioral patterns and future trends. The majority of data scientists surveyed also acknowledged the skills shortage within their field.”

The article goes on, “Salient findings of the report uncover what is and isn’t working in the data science field. These findings include… Messy, disorganized data is the number one obstacle holding data scientists back.Two-thirds of respondents say cleaning and organizing data was the least interesting and most time-consuming task, taking time away from more preferred tasks, such as predictive analysis and data mining. There are not enough data scientists. Nearly 80 percent of respondents indicate there is a shortage of data scientists, suggesting that an increase in qualified data scientists would enable companies to balance workload and improve overall breadth and depth of their data science capabilities.”

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photo credit: CrowdFlower

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