Data to Decisions: The Intersection of Big Data, Semantic Web, and BI

R Wang of Forbes has written an article regarding the growing need for what he refers to as decision management. He writes, "Organizations have faced a constant technology arms race to achieve basic levels of decision management.  From data warehousing, to data marts, to reporting tools to BI, and now Big Data, organizations and leaders have been inundated with technology fads.  While the latest buzz in technology may come and go, Constellation Research believes organizations seek a path from data to information to insight to action.  This path from Data to Decisions drives the science and discipline behind decision management."

He goes on, "Consequently, decision management in the data to decisions world examines the necessary tools, steps and methods for deriving insight from data and acting on it.  These tools are useful creating informed people and processes, but the continuation and follow-through to decisions and actions demands a robust set of performance monitoring and management practices. Those are the table stakes.  In many cases, application of decision automation, semantic technology and collaborative tools are also needed. Data to decisions is about moving from insight to action and moving to fact based decisions making at all levels of the organization."

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ eflon