Datasift Announces Wikistats

Datasift recently announced a new feature, Wikistats, and added Wikipedia to the company's list of data sources. The company reports, "Through, DataSift provides a real-time insight into the trending articles on Wikipedia in the last 24 hours. Just as we identified the most popular stories on Twitter when we created Tweetmeme, Wikistats is another great showcase of what’s possible with DataSift’s Social-Data platform. By filtering and analyzing the activity stream of new articles and edits on Wikipedia, we’re able to surface an insight into the top articles and content being created. As well as providing a view into all articles on Wikipedia, we use our NLP (Natural Language Processing) service to categorize articles into popular categories including technology, banking, celebrities, politics, sports, and more."

The article continues, "There is no denying Wikipedia’s importance as a trusted information source. It is one of the largest user collaborated data sources in the world, one of the highest ranking in any Google search, and the sixth most popular website overall. In May alone, the site received a total of 15,282,000,000 views; that’s 5,900 views per second, which is even higher than the number of tweets per second! For corporates, a recent study, Brands on Wikipedia by the Numbers, completed by EthicalWiki suggests that Wikipedia is just as important as any other social media network. In it, David King indicates that companies need to begin thinking about Wikipedia as an important part of their content marketing strategy, and begin collaborating with Wikipedia editors. At the very least, King says every company should be updating the talk page with company news so editors can keep the page updated and accurate."

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Image: Courtesy Datasift