DataSift Now Offers Historical Data Analysis Across Twitter Facebook, & More


Sarah Perez of TechCrunch reports, "Fresh on the heels of its deal with Tumblr for access to the Tumblr 'firehose,' social data platform DataSift is putting that data, and more, to good use with the launch of a new API that performs historical analysis across Twitter, Tumblr, and 'firehoses,' as well as data pulled from forums, blogs and public Facebook data. With 'Historic Preview,' as DataSift is calling it, developers have the ability to perform historical analysis across all sources combined, using four different analysis types. These include: frequency distribution, numeric statistical analysis, target volume, and word count (a list of up to 100 of the most often used words). The analysis functions can be applied to all 400+ metadata fields, the company says."

Perez continues, "Also shipping today as a part of this new addition to DataSift’s platform are five standard Preview reports, with let developers dig into the data to find out more about the quality and quantity of the data before running a full search. A Basic report gives you an overview, with things like word clouds and pie charts. The Natural Language Processing Preview offers up sentiment analysis and entities (people, places and things mentioned). A Twitter Preview lets you hone in on Twitter word counts, hourly data volume, mentions, hashtags and more, while the Twitter Demographics Preview report lets you scope out anonymized data detailing things like gender, age, location, profession, likes and interests. And finally, a Links Preview lets you track the hourly volume of links, Twitter card data, Facebook OpenGraph data, and other items."

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Image: Courtesy DataSift