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DataStax and Microsoft Partner to Improve Cassandra on Azure

By   /  September 24, 2015  /  1 Comment

cassby Angela Guess

Jordan Novet reports for VentureBeat, “DataStax, a company selling licenses for a premium version of the Apache Cassandra-distributed NoSQL database, is announcing today that it has formed a strategic partnership with Microsoft. The commercially supported DataStax Enterprise software has been for sale on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace since the launch of the Azure Marketplace last year. Now DataStax, as a new member of Microsoft’s Enterprise Cloud Alliance, will go beyond being just another vendor of software that can be easily deployed on Azure.”

Novet continues, “DataStax was quick to get DataStax Enterprise running on the Google Compute Engine public cloud back in 2013. Startup Instaclustr offers DataStax Enterprise on the biggest public cloud, Amazon Web Services. Azure has its own proprietary NoSQL database as a service, DocumentDB. But that database is intended for storing data in JSON documents, while Cassandra — which is inspired by Google’s Bigtable and Amazon’s Dynamo papers — emphasizes its reliability through replication across multiple sites. Microsoft had not previously partnered with any major NoSQL database company, such as CouchDB, Basho, or MongoDB. In the Hadoop market, Microsoft has been more active, having partnered in the past with both Cloudera and Hortonworks.”

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photo credit: Cassandra

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