Dating App Loveflutter Uses Freebase to Get the Upperhand in the Matchmaking Game


Steve O'Hear of Tech Crunch reports, "Online dating startup Loveflutter soft-launched in New York and the UK early last year with a site that aimed to match prospective dates based on shared interests. So far, so like nearly every legacy dating service. But what made the UK company potentially stand out — ignoring the silly launch campaign that required users to pass an ‘interesting’ test before signing up — was its use of Google-owned Freebase, the open database of people, places and things that powered the interest-graph behind Loveflutter’s match-making capability. Harnessing the same underlying semantic technology, Loveflutter is rebooting somewhat today with a mobile-first approach aiming to be a more 'quirky' Tinder."


O'Hear continues, "Another key differentiator is the way Loveflutter doesn’t just help you find a potential match, but, should you begin messaging your prospective date, will prompt you with suggestions of where to actually meet. It does this by making use of data from location-based search app Foursquare and its own interest graph, removing some of the hassle and awkwardness of not only asking the person out, but also picking somewhere to go or something to do. 'Tinder offers no functionality beyond the messaging stage once you’ve been matched, leaving you to work your magic alone,' adds Smith. 'This part of the user journey, the path to organising a date between two people, is an untouched space in terms of functionality and it’s here where ‘Suggest-a-Date’ comes into its own'.”


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Image: Courtesy Loveflutter