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DefinedCrowd Announces Alpha Release of Enterprise Software-as-a-Service

By   /  March 6, 2017  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

A recent press release reports, “DefinedCrowd Corp., an intelligent data platform helping data scientists enrich and train data for artificial intelligence (AI) applications, today announced the release of the alpha version of their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for enterprise-scale speech technologies and natural language processing (NLP). With their expertise in speech and natural language technologies, the DefinedCrowd platform combines machine learning and data science with the global power and scale of modern crowdsourcing. This enables enterprises to improve quality, scalability, and time-to-market for speech and NLP components of AI applications. The announcement was made via blog post by Dr. Daniela Braga, the Chief Executive Officer of DefinedCrowd. The alpha version of the SaaS for enterprise customers focuses on the core strength of DefinedCrowd — speech and NLP data workflows.”

The release goes on, “Optimized for AI and machine learning (ML) applications, the platform enables data scientists to collect and enrich data from scratch or have their own data cleaned and structured. Instead of spending months building the infrastructure to collect and label data, with the new platform from DefinedCrowd, data scientists can select from specialized built-in workflows that will guide them through a combination of humans-in-the-loop and machine learning models in 46 languages to deliver high quality structured data in a faster turnaround time. In the alpha version, the data workflows released include: speech data collections, speech transcription and validation, data collection and semantic tagging for chatbots building, and sentiment tagging, and semantic annotation.”

Read more at Marketwired.

Photo credit: DefinedCrowd

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