Delfigo Security Awarded US Patent on Event-Driven AI Architecture

BOSTON, Sept. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Delfigo Security filed for United States Patent protection (US Serial No: 12/221,757) on August 6, 2008 for Combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) Concepts with an Event-Driven Security Architecture. Since that date, Delfigo has developed and implemented key concepts described in this original patent, such as cloud and mobile authentication as well as intelligent mobile fraud detection.  This key patent was awarded to Delfigo on September 12, 2013.

At its core, Delfigo's technology has always been guided by the fundamental concepts described in this patent, which continue to this day to drive innovation at Delfigo Security. By focusing on the concepts around an AI enabled, event-driven architecture, a semantic and neural enrollment process, and leveraging the capabilities of this system to score confidence in user activity, Delfigo's team has created and distributed state of the art authentication and authorization solutions for users of web and mobile applications.

"We created a whole new paradigm in security and identity management. Our original hypothesis about using AI concepts to create a predictive and intelligent system has become a reality" said Delfigo's Chief Innovation Officer and CEO Ralph A. Rodriguez.

By combining assessment of unique user attributes and behavior with a seamless user experience that is either transparent to the end user, or improves on existing authentication processes, Delfigo is able to leverage its core ideals to improve end users' ability to quickly and securely access applications on the web or on mobile devices and tablets.

About Delfigo Security

Delfigo Corporation d/b/a Delfigo Security, with offices in Boston and at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a venture-backed software company providing mobile, tablet and cloud solutions for identity and access management. The Delfigo solution provides a multi-factor risk-based authentication platform using a patented artificial intelligence based architecture. Delfigo reduces risk of identity theft and fraud for enterprises and ensures regulatory compliances, at a reduced total cost of ownership. Delfigo's platform is designed with cloud computing and SaaS needs in mind. To find out more on how you can leverage the Delfigo technology for your enterprise needs, please visit or call 617-946-0600 or email

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Image: Courtesy Delfigo