Demonstrating Linked Data's Effect on Recall

Jindrich Mynarz recently shared a demonstration of how linked data improves information recall via data integration. He writes, "Linked data is an approach that materializes relationships in between resources described in data. It makes implicit relationships explicit, which makes them reusable. When working with linked data integration is performed on the level of data. It offloads (some of) the integration costs from consumers onto data producers. In this post, I compare the integration on the query level with the integration done on the level of data, showing the limits of the first approach as contrasted to the second one, demonstrated on the improvement of recall when querying the data."

He goes on, "All SPARQL queries featured in this post may be executed on this SPARQL endpoint. For the purposes of this demonstration, I want to investigate public contracts issued by the capital of Prague. If I know a URI of the authority, say <>, I can write a simple, naïve SPARQL query and I get to know there are 3 public contracts associated with this authority."

See the full demonstration here.

Image: Courtesy Jindrich Mynarz