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Denodo Brings Data Virtualization Technology to the Masses

By   /  November 14, 2018  /  No Comments

According to a new press release, “In an effort to help organizations better understand data virtualization (DV) and how they can use it to gain fast and easy access to unified business information, Denodo, a leader in data virtualization, today announced the general availability of a free Test Drive environment for evaluating the benefits of the Denodo Platform in a live instance on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is available at https://bit.ly/2QvTDDq. The new Test Drive connects and combines data from multiple sources such as Amazon Redshift, Aurora and S3, and is designed to demonstrate the power of data virtualization technology. Using the Test Drive, individuals can experience the speed and ease with which cloud-based DV solutions can integrate large volumes of data – without replication – to support their agile BI, big data analytics and Web/cloud integration objectives.”

The release goes on, “While the ‘Test Drive’ concept is a relatively nascent approach, Denodo is one of the first to allow companies to leverage data virtualization, while helping to reduce any barriers to entry for this important technology. As many organizations continue to struggle with data management as a whole, Denodo’s new Test Drive lets any user experience the creation of real-time data delivery. This allows business users to discover, explore, prepare, and access data in a user-friendly interface for true self-service. Once users have the opportunity to experience data virtualization without having to install and configure the technology, there is a significant uptick in comprehension along with a rapid learning curve. Dave Wells, an analyst at Eckerson Group recently commented, ‘Data virtualization provides real-time access to data, freeing business users from chasing down data from various sources. With data services presented through a ‘storefront interface’ where data users can shop to find best-fit data to meet their needs, the pain of data seeking, and data evaluation is quickly relieved’.”

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