Developing Gun Violence Analytics Through Linked Data

Mary O'Leary of the New Haven Register recently wrote, "As a state, Connecticut has plenty of data on firearm violence from medical and law enforcement sources. But it's never had a central repository where it can be linked and made available for fundamental research on which to base policy. Ready with a solution to aggregate and integrate this information in a new program is the Institute for the Study of Violent Groups at the University of New Haven in conjunction with the Lee College Center for Analytics and a professor from Yale University’s Department of Emergency Medicine."

She continues, "Maybery and Post said the goal of the 20-month study, which will be called the Unified Firearms Injuries and Death Surveillance Program, will look to pinpoint how many incidents there are, as well victimization and characterizations of the environments in which they occur. 'Our job is not to interpret. Our job is to not make policy. Our job is to inform policy,' Post said. The Yale professor said the study won’t be limited just to intentional violence, but accidents or attempted suicides that end up in the emergency room and are not always reported. 'It takes an interdisciplinary team, which we will create,' Post said of the effort that will look for state and federal partners to produce the first statewide model that can be used by others around the country and produce an annual report.

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ MDGovPics