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Digital Marketers: Time To Get More Savvy With Social Media

By   /  November 7, 2012  /  No Comments

The Digital Channel Intelligence (DCI) Solution unveiled last week by enterprise social intelligence vendor NetBase aims to make conversations on social channels more useful to the brands and agencies that hope to gain insight from that commentary. In a world where digital marketing is swiftly becoming entrenched in most businesses, NetBase says that DCI will offer a comprehensive, real-time picture of what’s happening across forums ranging from Facebook, to Twitter, to YouTube, to Pinterest and others. It will provide a way for digital marketers to roll up key metrics specific to each one (community growth, amplification and conversation rates, for example, as well as total impressions generated), integrating actionable insights from the broader social web. That includes providing an understanding of what fans and followers are saying to help feed digital marketing decisions and direction.

“Businesses have become more aware of the critical role social media plays in customer satisfaction, community strength and brand reputation,” says NetBase chief marketing officer Lisa Joy Rosner, citing a Media Post survey that showed three-quarters of respondents’ brands already had conducted some level of marketing within social media and 16 percent planned to do so by the end of the year. While digital marketers have become more savvy in pushing content via channels such as Facebook and Twitter, and getting more creative in promoting their brands, they continue to face challenges, she adds.

“Often times they don’t know which content to push, if their digital strategy really worked, or how to map their strategies to business use cases and outcomes,” Rosner says. A lot of time is spent gathering metrics from each individual social channel to help support their efforts, but that manually-accumulated data can suffer from being incomplete or error-filled. And for all the “likes” measuring and other accumulation metrics they track, something’s missing when they don’t understand more about what their audience is really saying.

DCI leverages NetBase’s existing Enterprise Social Intelligence Platform that accesses hundreds of millions of social media sources and analyzes the data with NetBase’s proprietary Natural Language Processing engine, which determines sentiment and passion intensity and provides granular insights such as likes, dislikes, emotions and behaviors. It’s focused toward providing deep insights into digital channels starting with Facebook fan page analysis, currently available to early adopter customers, with general availability for other social channels on the way. “NetBase has leveraged the Facebook API to offer real-time, rich and accurate fan page analysis, post-performance analysis and in-depth competitive analysis,” Rosner says.

The idea is for DCI to automate metrics-gathering across different social spheres and let marketers analyze them in real-time to help them better focus their efforts. Conversation rate, for example, conveys the number of comments and replies generated per post, enabling marketers to measure whether their customers connect with the content. Amplification rate measures the rate at which followers take a brand’s content and share it through their networks. This allows marketers to learn which pieces of content really resonate, so they can do more of it. That, Rosner says, should result in their posting more of the type of content that their customers think is important enough to share, creating credibility and thought leadership in the process.

“Some of these metrics include the ability to identify and manage top fans; understand what content worked and what didn’t (based not only on engagement, but also sentiment and passion); benchmark and trend against their competitor channels; analyze what their fans liked or disliked, and more,” Rosner adds.


One example: DCI’s post performance analysis lets a marketer sort the sentiment and passion of comments of each post so that they can re-use content that has a high sentiment in a campaign, or repost it on a different channel. DCI’s Post Passion Index (see above) also helps digital marketers visually compare the performance of their fan page posts based on sentiment, passion intensity and volume of fan comments. That, says Rosner, is “a powerful tool to help analyze content.”

About the author

Jennifer Zaino is a New York-based freelance writer specializing in business and technology journalism. She has been an executive editor at leading technology publications, including InformationWeek, where she spearheaded an award-winning news section, and Network Computing, where she helped develop online content strategies including review exclusives and analyst reports. Her freelance credentials include being a regular contributor of original content to The Semantic Web Blog; acting as a contributing writer to RFID Journal; and serving as executive editor at the Smart Architect Smart Enterprise Exchange group. Her work also has appeared in publications and on web sites including EdTech (K-12 and Higher Ed), Ingram Micro Channel Advisor, The CMO Site, and Federal Computer Week.

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