Discussing the Issues Surrounding Schema.org

A recent post by Ivan Herman, Semantic Web Activity Lead for the W3C, takes a look at the primary discussions that have been sparked since the emergence of schema.org and what the semantic web community needs to talk about next. The first major topic of discussion, according to the article, has been, “What is the evolution path of the schema.org vocabularies; how do they relate to vocabulary developments around the world that has already brought us such widely used vocabularies like Dublin Core, GoodRelations, FOAF, vCard, the different microformat vocabularies, etc?”

The second is, “What is the role of RDFa and microformats for search engines; would search providers also accept RDFa 1.1 or microformats as an alternative encoding of structured data? This also raises the more general issue on how microdata and RDFa relate to one another as W3C specifications, and to microformats, independently of the specific vocabularies.”

The article adds, “These issues will be discussed on the upcoming schema.org workshop in Mountain View, CA, on 21 September. They are also within scope of discussion within Semantic Web Interest Group (SWIG). Accordingly, as a result of a variety of discussions, I am proposing two new SWIG Task Forces to discuss these and flesh out solutions.” Read about the proposed task forces here.

Image: Courtesy schema.org