DoD Turns to Semantic Web to Improve Data Sharing

A recent article reports that “In its ongoing quest to catalyze cost efficiencies and improve information-sharing, the Defense Department is increasingly looking to IT to solve problems of all sizes. The latest bid involves high-tech search capabilities, interoperable data and a futuristic, data-rich internet known as semantic web.”

It continues, “In a new RFI, the Defense Information Systems Agency and Deputy Chief Management Office are looking to strengthen interoperability and data-sharing for a vast array of requirements through an enterprise information web (EIW). Their envisioned EIW is built on semantic web, which will allow better enterprise-wide collection, analysis and reporting of data necessary for managing personnel information and business systems, as well as protecting troops on the ground with crucial intelligence.”

The article adds, “One way semantic web helps is by standardizing information to enable databases to better communicate with each other – something that could be particularly helpful for DOD’s diverse systems and lexicons.” According to the RFI, “The information necessary for decision-making is often contained in multiple source systems managed by the military services, components and/or defense agencies. In order to provide an enterprise view or answer questions that involve multiple services or components, each organization receives data requests then must interpret the question and collect, combine and present the requested information.”

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Image: Courtesy Department of Defense