dotnetrdf to Hit the Spotlight at SemTech

The upcoming Semantic Technology Conference in San Francisco will feature a number of innovative new products. One such product is dotnetrdf, a “free and open source project intended to be a .Net equivalent of projects like Jena and Sesame. It provides a Core RDF/Semantic Web API and a suite of tools aimed at providing the bulk of the tools and APIs a .Net developer needs to work with RDF and the Semantic Web in their applications. The presentation will highlight the major features of the project and new features coming to future releases.”

Further information about dotnetrdf can be obtained on the product website. Dotnetrdf will be presented at SemTech by Rob Vesse. Vesse is “a PhD Student in the IAM Group which is part of the Department of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton. His research interests are into data and link integrity for the Semantic Web. As a spin off from his work he started the dotNetRDF project.”

Image: Courtesy dotnetrdf