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Dow Jones Moving to NoSQL

By   /  December 19, 2012  /  No Comments

mlby Angela Guess

Barbara Quint of Information Today reports, “Over the next 2 years, Dow Jones, a subsidiary of News Corp. (www.newscorp.com), will be moving the bulk of its online content to the NoSQL software platform of MarkLogic Corp. Factiva will be the first of three services on the Dow Jones digital network to shift; the others—WSJ.com and Dow Jones Financial Services—will follow. At present, no specific dates have been set for the moves, but Factiva should have moved over ‘well before the end of 2013,’ according to Alisa Bowen, head of product at Dow Jones. The Factiva segment of Dow Jones services sees this as a significant investment in the future of a service begun late the last century as Dow Jones News Retrieval.”

She goes on, “At this point, there are no specifics on how the new platform will change existing services. However, a unified database encompassing a full range of content and formats working under a highly sophisticated, standardized software developed by an established software house with significant experience in dealing with publishers and media leaders augurs well for the future of Factiva and other Dow Jones services. The new search technology provides standardized search technology and should give customers access to a deeper, broader search capability and the ability to mine and analyze content more quickly and effectively. It should also enhance the user experience for all of Dow Jones’ global offerings. MarkLogic supports more than 200 languages in its existing services with 14 languages receiving advanced language support including stemming, tokenization, and collation rules to enable more precise, language-specific search.”

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photo credit: MarkLogic

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