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Drowning in Data

By   /  November 9, 2012  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

Bob Evans has written an article for Forbes regarding how much bigger Big Data is bound to get. He writes, “If you think we’ve got Big Data problems now—with ‘only’ about 9 billion devices connected to the Internet—what’s the situation going to be like when that number soars to50 billion at the end of the decade? Oracle president Mark Hurd recently raised the possibility that unless businesses and government agencies can seize control over that Big Data explosion, then they’ll run the risk of simply being overwhelmed by vast volumes of data that they can’t find, control, manage, or secure—let alone analyze and exploit.”

Evan quotes a ZDnet article: “Hurd said that the world was ‘drowning’ in vast amounts of data — which has grown eightfold in the past seven years — and companies are running out of space to store it all. With more than nine billion existing devices connected to the Internet, end businesses are struggling to cope with storing the vast amounts of data they collect. Not only will the capacity for storage need to increase, he warned of a growing concern is the ability to store such vast amounts of data securely. Another growing problem is the ability to process the vast amount of data through data process or real-time analytics.”

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