Drupal is the Content Management System of Choice in DC

We recently reported on semantic technology’s potential role in national security. A new article shows progress on the front of semantic technology in government, but there are still some roadblocks. As the article puts it, “Using open source software in the federal government is challenging, but the problem is not due to the technology. The problem lies with old procurement models and regulations that are better suited for buying file cabinets and missiles than negotiating licenses for ‘free’ open source software.”

This problem could have an easy solution: “The emergence of open source solutions that have a paid element, such as Alfresco and Acquia.” According to the article, such solutions “look more like their proprietary counterparts, and that's something government has an easier time buying and managing.”

With such developments, Drupal is becoming “the web content management system of choice in Washington.” Government agencies that are currently utilizing Drupal include Energy.gov, House.gov, and WhiteHouse.gov.

Image: Courtesy Flickr/ dcJohn