Eikon 3.0 Gets a Boost with Semantic Search

Greg MacSweeney reports, "Thomson Reuters' latest evolution of Eikon, its integrated market data platform, offers semantic search capabilities not found in other market data products currently on the market. Most notably the new version, called Eikon 3.0, applies free text search capabilities to financial data, similar to Google's search functionality. 'The latest version brings data into one place,' says Philip Brittan, global head of the Eikon desktop platform at Thomson Reuters. Traditionally, market data platforms hold a wealth of data, but users need to know specific commands or follow certain workflows to find the information. 'Often, getting to the data is a challenge,' Brittan adds. 'Eikon brings semantic search to financial information'."

He goes on, "For instance, users can type in basic questions or multiple commands in a single search and receive a chart that may have taken multiple steps on earlier platforms. 'It is a very flat interface,' Brittan says, noting there are no 'file' or 'open' menus. 'The workflow is seamless and Eikon suggests answers as a user types in search criteria,' such as auto-filling words or phrases. Analysts who have seen Eikon are impressed by the search functionality. 'We haven't seen a new interface in a number of years and this is pretty powerful,' says Larry Tabb, founder and CEO of TABB Group, a research and advisory firm. "When you think of a traditional market data platform, you think of having to remember symbology and codes. This was more akin to a Google search box."

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Image: Courtesy Eikon