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Elliot Turner of AlchemyAPI on Natural Language Processing

By   /  April 30, 2014  /  No Comments

Seth Grimes of Smart Data Collective recently asked Elliot Turner of AlchemyAPI, “How well are we doing with Natural Language Processing?”

Alchemy API

Seth Grimes posted to Smart Data Collective a conversation he had with Elliot Turner of AlchemyAPI. He asked Turner, “How well are we doing with Natural Language Processing, noting that formally, ‘processing’ includes both understanding and generation, two parts of a conversation?” Turner responded, “Google has trained us to search using keywords, and this won’t change overnight. But the trend is easy to spot: the interactive question-answering capabilities made famous by IBM’s Watson will become commonplace, offered at a fraction of today‚Äôs costs and made available as easy-to-integrate web services.”


Turner continued, “The goal of interactive search is to let us get faster answers to the detailed questions we ask every day. Early, mass adopters of new Question Answering applications include large support organizations with complex products where the entire business model can be improved with faster time-to-answer. As interactive Question Answering systems move beyond professional analysts we will see search and retrieval transform to become dialog-based and be highly aware of an ongoing context – machines will ‘stay in conversation’ and not treat each search as a unique event, but encourage ad-hoc drill down or expansion of answers already obtained.”


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Image: Courtesy AlchemyAPI


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