Elsevier Enhances SciVal Strata

Elsevier recently announced that the company "has added a new enhancement to SciVal Strata, a web-based performance evaluation tool that allows users to conduct highly customized performance assessments of research teams and individual researchers. The new functionality provides the capacity for objective assessment of a specific selection of a researcher's work in addition to their complete publication output. This option is critical when selecting the most impactful papers to be submitted for various government or institutional assessments. In addition the enhanced functionality will prove useful to individuals applying for grants and showing funders the impact of the research they supported."

The article continues, "SciVal Strata is a flexible benchmarking tool providing multi-tier analysis of team and researcher performance such as productivity, citation history, and collaboration activity. The added functionality was developed in global collaboration with users and with Elsevier's online community of research administrators." Niels Weertman of Elsevier commented, "At Elsevier we are in the business of enhancing the scientific research processes… The new SciVal Strata functionality will help researchers and administrators fulfill requirements set by the Research Excellence Framework (REF) and other national guidelines. It is part of our mission and commitment to the scientific community to support their vital work."

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Image: Courtesy Elsevier