Ersatz Labs Hopes to Answer Your Questions with Deep Learning


Jordan Novet of Venture Beat recently wrote, "A startup called Ersatz Labs wants to help lots of companies intelligently answer lots of questions after reviewing lots of data, just as big tech companies like Google and Netflix do. Toward that end, today Ersatz is launching a cloud service for deep learning, as well as a hardware-software package to run inside companies’ existing facilities. While deep learning services are often geared toward specific uses, like text processing and image recognition, Ersatz makes deep learning available for any type of use."


Novet continues, "Ersatz started out as a side project for categorizing emails for co-founder and chief executive Dave Sullivan, who was operating software development consulting firm Blackcloud BSG. Sullivan ended up cobbling together his own workstation containing graphics cards that could do deep learning more quickly than standard chips, and then writing his own deep learning programs. More than 2,200 people are using the beta version of the Ersatz software that emerged from the side project. Now Ersatz wants to get lots of businesses incorporating the service into their applications, alongside other technologies that can be difficult to create from scratch, Sullivan said in an interview with VentureBeat." Read more here.


Catch Dave Sullivan of Ersatz Labs speaking at the inaugural Cognitive Computing Forum in San Jose, CA, this August.