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Essential Reading on the Semantic Web

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A recent blog post comments on some of the best books available on the semantic web and linked data.

A recent blog post comments on some of the best books available on the semantic web and linked data. Regarding tools and techniques, the writer suggested, “There are the classics such as Practical RDF by Powers and A Semantic Web Primer by Antoniou and van Harmelen. There are introductory books such as Semantic Web For Dummies by Pollock. These are all good foundational books which are recommended, but they often don’t get to the essence of the Semantic Web and especially not Linked Data.”

The article continues, “For the essential Semantic Web and Linked Data we may want to look at: Programming the Semantic Web by Segaran (who also authored the wonderful Programming Collective Intelligence: Building Smart Web 2.0 Applications) et al. Semantic Web Programming by Hebeler (of BBN Technologies) et al. Plus there are the quite useful, although very specific, books Linking Enterprise Data and Linked Data: Evolving the Web into a Global Data Space (Synthesis Lectures on the Semantic Web, Theory and Technology).”

The writer also commented on several books on the more general topic of web science: “The earliest official book by the Web Science Trust team was A Framework for Web Science (Foundations and Trends in Web Science) by Berners-Lee et al. This is quite an expensive book, and quite academic in style, but useful nonetheless. You may want to look at something a little cheaper, something a little more practical too. This is where The Web’s Awake: An Introduction to the Field of Web Science and the Concept of Web Life by Tetlow comes in. This interesting book takes a common sense approach to Web Science, I would certainly recommend it.”

For additional book recommendations, check out these posts from the Answers.SemanticWeb.com community:

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