Evri Releases Topic-Based News App for iPad

Semantic tech innovator Evri has launched a topic-based news discovery app for the iPad: “Evri says its iPad app is the first to offer topic-based news discovery, while competitors like Pulse and Flipboard focus more on collecting stories from specific news sources or your social networks… The iPad app makes finding interesting stories and trending topics easy, thanks to a technology that distills around 2.5 million topics from over 15,000 sources. It’s also easy to personalize, since the iPad app can connect to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. The Evri app will also recommend stories to you based on what you’ve read.”

The article continues, “Evri CEO Will Hunsinger tells VentureBeat that the company is now spending most of its energy on mobile apps, including EvriThing Gaming, EvriThing Tech, and SportsStream Football. After recently launching its football app, the company has seen tens of thousands of downloads. Overall, Evri is nearing half-a-million downloads for all of its mobile apps, Hunsinger says.”

Image: Courtesy Evri