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Execs Starting to Take Charge of Modeling and Analyzing Data

By   /  May 9, 2016  /  No Comments

bullby Angela Guess

Hugo Moreno reports in Forbes, “According to a recent Forbes Insights executive brief, “Decisions, Decisions: How Leading Firms Are Arming Frontline Executives With Data-Driven Insight,” sponsored by Qlik, business executives are no longer satisfied with the long waiting periods, high costs and questionable quality of data- driven decision support being developed on their behalf. Taking matters into their own hands, leaders are embracing a more distributed model, where end-users can take control of their own analytics, modeling, visualization and decision making.”

Moreno continues, “The results, say practitioners, are profound. Consider these examples: (1) Delving into data points as diverse as trip utilization, on-time performance and customer service surveys, the U.K.’s international transport-focused National Express is able to rapidly assess, adjust and optimize its menu of destinations, routes, timetables and fares. (2) At a major insurer, after placing analysis tools in the hands of business units, end-users overlaid dates of claims with traditional fields to identify and isolate two agents who had been falsifying claims. (3) Analysis of device usage data at a major U.S. bank revealed the means to reducing printing costs by over $5 million per year.”

He adds, “Results like these are by no means exceptional. Rather, they are becoming the norm at companies where front-line business executives, those in the right place at the right time to translate insight into action, are given the keys to drive today’s most powerful analytics and decision-making platforms.”

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Photo credit: Flickr/ Arch_Sam

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