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Next month's SemTechBiz UK in London will explore how Semantic Technologies have moved well beyond the theoretical to practical applications that allow users to interact with semantic systems in tangible ways. The conference will be held 19-20 September in London and will feature real-world case studies, dynamic presentations, and innovative keynotes from some of the most forward-thinking minds in the world of Semantic Technology.

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Featured Presentations

Tangible Semantics with Christian Doegl, CEO & Founder - Uma Information Technology GmbH

Uma is the marriage of semantic technology with interactive signage and multi-touch displays, RFID technology, audience metrics, and social media integration. Uma has its own semantic content curator engine that can contextualize data from additional repositories, such as a vendor’s internal product database, to deliver appropriate accompanying information. This presentation will demonstrate UMA touchscreen displays and show the power of a very easy to use interface where users can simply connect different databases or social channels, the content gets aggregated and semantically annotated, and then is brought into context and presented automatically on the wall. From there users approaching the display wall can touch their way through the content.

Under the Hood: Fighting Fires with Real-Time Semantic Web Technology with Bart van Leeuwen, Architect/Firefighter - netage.nl

The project at Fire Department Amsterdam Amstelland -- fighting fires with real-time Semantic Web Technology -- has gained a lot of attention of the over the past two years. The down to earth practitioner's approach was welcomed by a lot of people in the industry. Semantic Web Technology was not the answer to the problems we were facing; it was a logical conclusion to solve those problems in an agile way. This approach allowed the project to meet new requirements with every new incarnation instead of trying to solve everything at once. With this presentation, van Leeuwen would like to give you a look under the hood: What was the starting point? What were the motivations for using specific technologies? How did developers solve the issues they came across?

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