Expert System Collaborates with Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Expert System logoExpert System reports that the company has renewed its collaboration with the Crisis Unit of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Under the agreement Expert System implements "its Cogito Intelligence Platform for the access and analysis of strategic information. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Crisis Unit is responsible for protecting and assisting Italian citizens abroad. The ever increasing amounts of information available online underscores the importance of accessing and analyzing available data streams. Integrating this with existing organizational information provides a significant advantage, and is where semantic technology excels."

Claudio Taffuri, Advisor and Director of the Crisis Unit, Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented, "Being able to intercept and take advantage of certain indicators or signals on the web is difficult without sophisticated tools and instruments for analysis. By quickly and accurately identifying strategic data, semantic technology allows us to make more informed decisions and to do a better job of protecting our citizens around the world."

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Image: Courtesy Expert System