Expert System Optimizes Search for ING Direct

Expert System recently announced, "ING DIRECT, the world’s largest online bank, has chosen its semantic software to optimize search and information retrieval on its customer portal Launched in June 2012, the new search portal helps customers quickly find the content they need, resulting in a 46% reduction in call center requests. The advanced semantic engine developed for ING DIRECT is a combination of two powerful semantic products: Cogito Search Explore Engine for semantic search and analysis, and Cogito Answers for natural language processing. Together, they bring a complete semantic and linguistic understanding to customer queries, taking into account variations in language such as slang or abbreviations, and result in the effective and immediate retrieval of answers to online requests."
Luca Scagliarini, Vice President of Strategy & Business Development at Expert System stated, “Expert System is focused on providing solutions that help companies take advantage of information for the benefit of not only their customers, but also the bottom line… The new search engine is a win for ING DIRECT customers who benefit from immediate access to information wherever they are, but also the internal benefits of reduced costs and greater customer satisfaction.”

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Image: Courtesy Expert System