'Explore More' with Knowledge Graph

Miranda Miller reports, "Google is reportedly testing a new feature in the Knowledge Graph sidebar: the ability for users to find out more about the topic and suggested results. An 'Explore More' option has appeared to some users, allowing for an expanded set of results below the search box. Google Operating System posted the above screenshot of the test in action. Google is constantly performing tests in search results, so this one should come as no surprise. It is interesting, however, to see what they might have in mind for Knowledge Graph. When it first launched mid-May, Google called it 'the first step in the next generation of search'.”

Miller goes on, "Knowledge Graph made sense of the 2010 acquisition of open content aggregator Metaweb and their Freebase, a database of more than 12 million entities. Freebase isn’t Knowledge Graph, though; it’s just one cog in the massive machine that powers Google’s instant-answers-in-the-SERPs for informational queries about all manner of people, places, and things. As of May 16th, the Knowledge Graph database contained more than 500 million objects, with over 3.5 billion facts about – and relationships between – those objects. Other sources of data include Wikipedia and the CIA World Factbook."

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Image: Courtesy Google