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ExtraHop Introduces Addy: Cloud-Based Machine Learning for Data-Driven IT

By   /  February 15, 2017  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

A new press release reports, “ExtraHop, the leader in real-time IT analytics, today announced ExtraHop Addy, the industry’s first cloud service that applies machine learning to the richest source of IT data — wire data — to provide real-time situational insight for IT teams. ExtraHop Addy is always-on, serving as the eyes and ears for IT and helping them take a proactive, data-driven approach to supporting and securing the digital experience. Organizations overwhelmingly want to be data-driven, but the quality of the data and the ability to access it at the pace of business is a significant barrier. Data is vast and growing and increasingly distributed across on-premises, cloud, and remote sites. With Addy, ExtraHop is tearing down these barriers, delivering real-time, objective insight that makes data-driven operations a reality.”

The release continues, “ExtraHop Addy is the industry’s first SaaS offering that observes and analyzes all digital interactions and applies machine learning to detect anomalies in real time. Using wire data from the ExtraHop platform, Addy builds continuous baselines for every device, network, and application, and then proactively detects and surfaces potential issues in the environment. The core algorithm and heuristics also incorporate feedback from in-house and crowd-sourced domain expertise to reduce the number of false positives and keep IT teams focused on the most critical issues. This means smarter, more proactive and data-driven operations that enable users to deliver everything from increased website uptime to more efficient assembly lines to better patient care. With ExtraHop Addy, early access customers have increased uptime, improved performance, thwarted potential breaches, and improved collaboration across teams.”

Read more at Marketwired.

Photo credit: ExtraHop

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