EyeEm Brings a Semantic Twist to Photo-Sharing

David Meyer of GigaOM reports, "EyeEm, Berlin’s most prominent entry in the photo-sharing-app sweepstakes, has rolled out a major refresh for iOS and Android. The Instagram rival now has redesigned navigation and live art filters that should keep what was already a good-looking interface competitive, but the biggest development is the addition of a ‘Discover’ feed. Based on suggested tags and other data sources, the feed recommends photos based on friends, locations and topics. EyeEm, which is nearing a million users, is essentially now in the game of learning those users’ tastes and establishing context. Useful in itself, the Discover feed provides a window into where the company’s heading: and it’s an intriguing future to consider."

Flroian Meissner, CEO of EyeEm told Meyer, "We’re the first ones out there that put every photo on our platform into context, and slice and dice the context… With every photo – where it was taken, whether it was sunny or raining, who was there and so on – we’re building superior search on top of our data cube." Meyer continues, "For example, right now the revamped EyeEm will recommend you photos that were taken around your current location. As the system learns your taste, Meissner suggested, the next step would be to recommend other places that are trending among people with similar tastes. The same idea could apply to topics."

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Image: Courtesy EyeEm