EyeEm Expands Platform, Capitalizes on Semantic Tagging

David Myer of GigaOm reports that Instagram rival EyeEm is working on a few developments of its own. Myer writes, "It may not have Instagram’s user numbers, but what EyeEm does now have is wider platform reach. On Wednesday the Berlin firm’s Windows Phone app came out, through a close tie-in with both Microsoft and Nokia. The release means EyeEm is now available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the web, which makes for two more platforms than its biggest rival can manage for now."

Myer continues, "Instagram doesn’t have a Windows Phone app yet, but let’s be honest, that’s no biggie right now. EyeEm’s proper web service — which received a total makeover less than two weeks ago — is the real differentiator versus its biggest rival. Why? Because EyeEm has a strong focus on discovery and semantic tagging, which means collaboratively organized, thematically arranged mega-albums. This takes EyeEm beyond being an Instagram clone (despite its 14 pretty filters) and more into the territory of Flickr or even Pinterest. Ultimately, it could even offer a crowdsourced stock photo service."

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Image: Courtesy EyeEm