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Facebook Open Sources AI Tools, Increasing Access to Deep Learning

By   /  January 19, 2015  /  No Comments

fbby Angela Guess

Larry Dignan of ZDnet reports, “Facebook on Friday said it will open source deep learning modules for the Torch artificial intelligence project in a move that could speed up technology and make it more accessible to developers and ultimately companies. The social networking giant has a long open source contribution history and has even released documentation on its data center designs and building blocks. By contributing its optimized deep-learning modules and other tools, Facebook could turbo charge numerics, machine learning and computer vision. Facebook’s technology has been used to train neural networks faster.”

Dignan goes on, “Specifically, Facebook is contributing the following: (1) GPU-optimized modules for so called convolutional networks as well as tools used in natural language processing and speech recognition. These modules are built around Nvidia’s GPU library. (2) Containers to use multiple GPUs at the same time to train networks in parallel. (3) Optimized lookup table. (4) A model to speed training over various objects and data classes. (5) A technique called cross-map pooling to create visual and text modules. Of those aforementioned items, Facebook’s biggest contribution is the GPU layer code that speeds up the training of convolutional networks, also known as ConvNets.”

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photo credit: Facebook

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