Fact Check Your News with the Trooclick App


Silky Malhotra of Digit reports, "A team of developers from Paris have created a new automated fact-finding app called TrooClick, which can catch ‘glitches’ in online news and highlight the most reliable stories for you to read. Trooclick is a browser plugin that alerts users if an article they are reading contains ‘glitches’. A glitch could be an incorrect fact as well as information that conflicts with other media reports about the same topic. The report highlights any information about the publisher’s ethics that a reader should be aware of, according to ‘poynter.org’."


Malhorta goes on, "It analyzes the text of a web page that you are reading and compares it with their database of facts to see if anything is related between the two. If the app finds a match, it checks whether the data collected is different from what you are reading. The app will alert you to the glitches, (if it finds any) in the data. The TrooClick app's technology combines text-analysis, semantic web and artificial intelligence to verify news from hundreds of websites in real time. Trooclick’s makers stated on the company's website: 'News reports are full of unverified and conflicting information. The result is that people no longer know if they can trust what they read'.”


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photo credit: Trooclick