Feastie Takes a Different Approach to Recipe Search

Feastie, the latest in a long line of recipe search engines has decided to turn away from semantic recipe search in favor of a keyword searchable index of over 1,000 food blogs. The company states, "The image-driven Feastie search engine allows users to explore and discover thousands of recipes from the original food blog photography… Unlike other search engines, the database at Feastie is updated constantly, adding hundreds of new recipes to the index daily, ensuring that users will find something new every time they search. The blogs range from gourmet cuisine and pastry to family-friendly meal planning or shoestring budget cooking. Users can follow their favorite blogs in their profile to be sure they never miss a recipe from their favorite blogger."

Valerie Coffman, CEO of Feastie commented, "Hitting this milestone of 1,000 blogs in our database is a big win for Feastie, people who love to cook from online recipes, and recipe bloggers alike. Feastie makes it easier and more fun for home cooks to find healthy, delicious recipes that fit their dietary needs and budgets. Most food blog recipes are omitted from or buried in Google recipe search results, which excludes high quality and unique recipes from food bloggers. We solved this problem with our FeastieBot. Now searching for recipes, ingredients, and other recipe-specific keywords is simple and bloggers don't need to hassle with special formats or codes."

This approach separates Feastie from the likes of Google Recipe, Edamam's, and Yummly. How do you think Feastie's recipe search stacks up?

Image: Courtesy Feastie