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Finding What's 'Important' on Wikipedia with WikiMaps

By   /  July 5, 2012  /  No Comments

ScienceDaily recently covered an interesting new resource, WikiMaps.

ScienceDaily recently covered an interesting new resource, WikiMaps. According to the article, “An international research team has developed a dynamic tool that allows you to see a map of what is ‘important’ on Wikipedia and the connections between different entries. The tool, which is currently in the ‘alpha’ phase of development, displays classic musicians, bands, people born in the 1980s, and selected celebrities, including Lady Gaga, Barack Obama, and Justin Bieber. A slider control, or play button, lets you move through time to see how a particular topic or group has evolved over the last 3 or 4 years. The desktop version allows you to select any article or topic.”

The article goes on, “Wikimaps builds on the fact that Wikipedia contains a vast amount of high-quality information, despite the very occasional spot of vandalism and the rare instances of deliberate disinformation or inadvertent misinformation. It also carries with each article meta data about the page’s authors and the detailed information about every single contribution, edit, update and change. This, Reto Kleeb, of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, and colleagues say, ‘opens new opportunities to investigate the processes that lie behind the creation of the content as well as the relations between knowledge domains.’ They suggest that because Wikipedia has such a great amount of underlying information in the metadata it is possible to create a dynamic picture of the evolution of a page, topic or collection of connections.”

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Image: Courtesy WikiMaps

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