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FindMyCarrots, the Semantic Search Engine for Online Travel, Partners with TrustYou

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FindMyCarrots (FmC) has partnered with TrustYou to provide semantic analysis for hotel queries in India.


4 March 2014 — FindMyCarrots (FmC) has partnered with TrustYou to provide semantic analysis for hotel queries in India. With TrustYou’s robust database and advanced semantic analysis of millions of reviews, including categories like hotel type, bed size, bathroom cleanliness, food, bar, location, amenities, and more, users can now search and filter hotels based on specific criterion. For example, a user could search for “family friendly hotels in Mumbai with delicious seafood and clean bathrooms.”


“Using TrustYou’s structured data, travelers enjoy a more personalized experience during the search- shop-buy process because they have the ability to drill down to the most relevant results in the least amount of time,” said Alan Young, SVP Strategic Partnerships at TrustYou. “We are excited about this partnership, as it has the ability to improve the hotel booking process for travelers looking to book hotels in India.”


“We want to simplify the hotel booking process and the partnership with TrustYou is a perfect fit. TrustYou technology for summarizing the reviews combined with our proprietary semantic search engine technology on top makes this an incredibly powerful solution. We are the first company in the travel industry to bring hotel semantics to users at this depth,” said FmC COO Kanwar Sangha. Along with our destination and flight semantics, this would now allow us to complete the 3 stages of travel (discovery, planning and booking) for our users.


About FindMyCarrots
FindMyCarrots is building the next-generation semantic search engine for the travel industry using Big Data and machine learning. It currently caters to India and supports holiday discovery and booking flights using semantics. FmC has crawled close to a million web pages and created a catalogue of more than 10,000 places of interest in India. To learn more, visitwww.findmycarrots.com.


Original Release: HospitalityNet.org

Image: Courtesy FmC


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