FindtheBest Adds $6M in Funding

FindtheBest, a semantic start-up “aimed at helping you compare everything from air purifiers to venture capitalists,” recently brought in $6 million in funding from Kleiner Perkins. After this success, “FindTheBest should be in a good position to build out its ‘data driven content platform’ which combines computer-driven semantic analysis with human-powered tagging to build data sets quickly and efficiently. ‘Human is dirty — it’s not scalable,’ [Kevin] O’Conner said in an interview at VentureBeat’s headquarters, citing a long-held Silicon Valley bias against companies whose competitive advantage is based on their employees rather than their technology. ‘But people are shocked by how quickly and cheaply we can build these data sets.’”

The article continues, FindTheBest “collects data on dozens if not hundreds of product and service categories, organizing data about each product or provider into
structured tables that make comparisons easy. The interface lets you sort by clicking on column headings, filter by location and other criteria, and in general examine alternatives side by side. The available columns and filters are different for each product category.”

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Image: Courtesy FindtheBest