FindTheBest Reaches 10M Visitors a Month

FindTheBest, a company that we have previously covered in-depth, reports that the company's comparison engine has reached ten million unique visits per month and that it's publisher network now includes 65 premium content partners. The article states, "The comparison engine began syndicating its content to publisher partners in January. Since then, the publisher network has grown to more than 65 content partners including TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Conde´ Nast’s Golf Digest and Bonnier Corporation’s Ski Mag. Through these partnerships, FindTheBest is helping media companies and publishers monetize their sites with the most effective advertising space while keeping a separation between content and commerce."

The article continues, "The new partnership program helps publishers monetize their sites with FindTheBest’s purchase-intent content. When consumers are comparing their options on FindTheBest’s product and service comparisons, they’re typically at the final stage of the decision-making process. Since FindTheBest’s comparisons cover highly-considered purchases like cars, enterprise software and colleges, these consumers are often only in the market for these products once in a lifetime. FindTheBest also helps publishers maintain a separation between content and commerce at a time when some publishers are starting to mix unbiased editorial and data with advertising. FindTheBest’s monetizable product and service comparison guides are linked off of the publisher’s homepage, and are not embedded into editorial."

Image: Courtesy FindTheBest