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First Annual Cognitive Computing Forum Speaker Lineup Includes Professors and Chief Executives

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by Angela Guess

The team here at DATAVERSITY™ is happy to announce “the complete faculty of speakers for the first annual Cognitive Computing Forum, taking place on August 20-21 in San Jose, California. Here is a preview of the group of technologists, researchers, and futurists representing diverse perspectives including Deep Learning, Predictive Modeling, Neural Networks, Machine Intelligence, and Animate Technologies.” See the full list of speakers here.

Tony Shaw, CEO of DATAVERSITY commented, “In recent years, numerous technological advancements have combined to give machines a greater ability to understand information and to learn, reason, and act upon it. These advancements have reached such sophistication that, in some cases, machines may even appear to think. As a result, the broad term used to describe this emerging capability is Cognitive Computing.” Learn more about the inaugural Cognitive Computing Forum by visiting http://www.cognitivecomputingforum.com/index.html#schedule.

photo credit: Cognitive Computing Forum

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