Flattr Gets an Unflattering Rejection from Apple

We recently covered the development of a web payment standard, PaySwarm. Another candidate in the field isn't fairing quite as well. According to Sarah Perez, "Social micro-payments platform Flattr is taking an unkind hit in terms of its future growth opportunities on mobile, the company details on its blog this morning. After being integrated into popular third-party podcast manager Instacast back in February, Apple decided at the beginning of May to reject the app from the iTunes App Store due to its Flattr integration. The result? The only way Instacast could get back into the app store was to change the user flow in the app to direct the actual 'flattr' (as the micro-payment process is called) to take place in the Safari web browser instead. Not an ideal user experience, Apple admits, but it’s as required by the App Store Review Guidelines."

Perez continues, "Flattr, for those unfamiliar, lets users click to donate funds directly to a content creator. It’s a 'like button with cash,' TechCrunch’s Mike Butcher once said of the service. To use Flattr, a user decides how much they want to spend per month, then, whenever they see a Flattr button on the web or mobile, they click to donate. At the end of the month, Flattr counts up all your clicks and distributes the funds evenly. The company scored a high-profile partnership with web video giant Dailymotion at the beginning of this month, which targeted Dailymotion’s top content creators in its 'Motionmakers' category. (Butcher, however, still questioned Flattr’s business model at the time)."

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Image: Courtesy Flattr